Video: Oscar’s New Dog Bed

We love to get reviews, both good and bad, from our customers. We are proud of the good ones, and we use the not-so-good ones to make our products better. But some reviews really stick out, and we especially enjoy receiving reviews that include videos. Here’s just that kind of wonderful review—of the FleeceLock™ Wraparound Dog Bed—from Rick Miller of Springfield, Illinois. His dog, Oscar, is the star of the accompanying video, and Miller gives us the details:

“I work out of my home most months, so Oscar the Puppy and I spend a lot of time hanging out in our back yard. But with cold weather coming on we needed to move indoors to the Great Room.

The bed looked nice on the website, but it’s even better in person. Oscar loves it.

My puppy likes to stretch out so I got him a large size even though he’s a midsized dog. Oscar, a Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier puppy, is sometimes difficult to keep track of inside the house, but he has made a home of his new bed. I can’t recommend this enough. Tough, durable and great looking.”

It’s great to see how excited Oscar is for his new bed, isn’t it? You can check out all the reviews of the FleeceLock™ Wraparound Dog Bed here.

Oscar gives his new bed a test-drive.

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