Video: Pet Detective Reunites Man and Dog After two Years

In January, 2014, Bill Ballato’s beloved dog, Bosco, ran away from his backyard in Rhode Island. Ballato and a host of volunteers searched for months, to no avail. A few months later, Ballato moved across the country to Colorado. But this wasn’t the end of their story, by a longshot.

Bosco sightings continued to dribble in, giving hope that the dog could be captured. Finally, an amateur “pet detective” named Sheilagh Graham put her skills to use. After some serious cat-and-mouse games, she finally caught Bosco in a baited trap. But her service to Bosco and Ballato was not done. You’ll hardly believe what she did next. . .

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Bill Ballato finally gets to pat Bosco again, after more than two years.
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