Video: Powerful Anti-Puppy-Mill Message

This is an incredibly powerful video from an Australian nonprofit called Oscar’s Law that begins in the cheery, antiseptic world of a pet shop, full of smiling faces and seemingly happy puppies. But then we get a look at the world behind this facade, the horrifying puppy-mill industry. (Apparently, in Australia they are called “puppy farms.”) The fear and despair in the faces of the dogs shown here are heartbreaking.

But the best part of the video is its simple message. There is something everyone can do to help stop this cruel industry: don’t buy a dog in a pet store. It’s a message that should appear in every media outlet, as a way to reach the unwitting population of pet buyers.

4 thoughts on “Video: Powerful Anti-Puppy-Mill Message”

    1. I wondered the same thing (as Yvonne). Don’t buy puppies from pet stores to stop the trade, but how do we stop the mills and farms from still operating? Is there a way to save these poor animals without supporting the mills and farms?

    2. Puppies in pet shops that are not sold usually end up in rescue eventually. And if the shop does not make a profit on the puppies as a whole, they will not purchase more from the “supplier.” If the puppy mill no longer has a market for their “product,” they will switch to a different “cash crop.” As for the breeding dogs already in the mills, if they are not producing a profit for the owner, they will be happy to release them to rescue as well. The reason this abuse is perpetuated is because it is a big money business.

  1. dear Christina
    I’m afraid there is no way to save the doga already in the farms….. only thing that can stop them is people not buying puppies from Places like this. if they can’t produce with a profite it becomes uninteresting as a bussines – that is the only way to stop it!!! because they only think of profit – so all we can do is tell – tell – tell to all WHO will listen – that you do not save a dog by buying it from a puppy mill – you only cause them to produce on an on….. because as long as they can sell they produce !!!

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