Video Report: Man Arrested for Trying to Help Dog Chained to a Tree on a Hot Day

Here’s a story that brings up important issues about dog care and the conflicts between the rights of a dog owner and a concerned citizen. Unfortunately, it has devolved into a he-said/she-said scenario.

Steve Bailey claims that he was just trying to save a dog, a Pit Bull named Zeus, when he unchained it and brought it to his house. He says that he called animal control, but the police turned up instead and arrested him for stealing the dog. According to Bailey, the poor pup was chained outside with no food an water on that hot July day and he feared for its safety:

“I never intended to remove someone’s property,” said Bailey. “I was trying to assist an animal in distress.”

Zeus’s owner, Deanna Fulton, believes that Bailey stole the dog to sell it. When confronted with the fact that it is illegal to chain a dog in Atlanta, Fulton argued that she only does it for short periods of time.

It’s easy to find fault with both players in this drama, but it’s also possible to see the scenario from either perspective. What do you think?

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Steve Bailey claims that this photo proves his assertion that Zeus was in distress.
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2 thoughts on “Video Report: Man Arrested for Trying to Help Dog Chained to a Tree on a Hot Day”

  1. We have a similar situation in our neighborhood….5-10 dogs chained to trees…the chains have removed all grass. They have no life. I drive by there twice a day and want to cry each time.

  2. Animal welfare is for everyone to care about especially the Police. Abusers should be arrested not the rescuer.

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