Video: Rescue Crew Saves Dog and Owner from an Icy River

13 WTHR Indianapolis

Here’s a story that drives home an important safety point for dogs and owners. If your dog falls through the thin ice on a lake or river, do not attempt to rescue the animal yourself:

Rescue crews saved a woman and her dog Tuesday afternoon from an icy pond in Shelby County. Both are safe now, but first responders say it’s a reminder of a real danger in the cold.

After 20 minutes in icy waters, the soaked and shivering dog appeared fearful, whimpering to the rescuer headed its way. It had been chasing geese near a pond when it went into the ice.

You may think that you are helping, but you may actually make things much worse. You don’t want to force rescuers to make the choice to save you instead of your dog.

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