Video: Rescuing “Panda,” a Shivering Puppy

Here’s a fascinating video from Houston, Texas, which goes to show that not all dogs in need are homeless. This group of pups lives outisde and receives very little care from their “owners,” so it’s left to organizations such as Houston K911 Rescue to help:

On 12/29/14 WA2S Films rode along with volunteers Sonya Franklin and Anna Barbosa of Houston K911 Rescue, a member of Unity For A Solution, a local animal advocacy and support non profit. Sonya and Anna were showing us their usual feeding route and were checking on a dogs they knew to be in jeopardy when we came to this house in the Fifth Ward. Meet Izzy, Sally, Panda, Sonya, Tom the chained Pit Bull and the other dog down the street. Izzy, Sally & PANDA were rescued. ADORE Houston came back later and bought Sonya and Tom for $200 each!

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