Video: Rescuing Watson, the Three-Legged Dog

Somehow we missed this last month when Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws posted this video of the sweet rescue of Watson, a special little stray wandering the streets of Watts. You’ll note that Eldad has a new tool: for the actual capture, the little red leash has been replaced by one that has better reach. But then the signature leash appears once Watson is calm and in control. Here’s Eldad’s description of the rescue:

Last night I got a call from my friend Mona. She told me that her friend Kathy reported a dog with a broken leg in Watts. She also said that a bunch of people got into a huge aggressive fight on that location where little Watson was walking around and looking for food, and that she feared that this will turn to be a gun fight.

Watson got so scared of the commotion, and ran away onto a property where no one would be able to hurt him.

I headed out there immediately (I am sure most of you know that Watts is one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Los Angeles) – definitely not a place to hang in the middle of the night.

I followed Kathy to the location where she last saw him, and after 5 minutes I found his exact location. It turned that he didn’t have a broken leg, but he was missing a leg.

It took about 15 minutes to convince him to come with me.

This poor guy was crying in agony because he had so many ticks and fleas, but he didn’t have a leg to scratch them off. After picking him up, I had ticks crawling on me, and while I cleaned him up at the hospital, my friend Stephanie Babcock picked ticks off of me.

For more information, visit Hope for Paws and Bill Foundation

Watson - 3 Legged stray dog rescued late last night from Watts.

Just look at that face!

photo courtesy Eldad Hagar

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