Video: Restaurant Apologizes After Kicking Out Veteran and His Service Dog

We are accustomed to these kinds of stories, but not necessarily to this kind of resolution. When Wendy Smith heard a couple of diners complain about Lacy Miller having his dog inside Mickey’s Restaurant—in Kernersville, North Carolina—she thought she was doing the right thing by asking Miller to take the dog outside. Miller, of course, was hurt and angry because the dog, Philippe, is a service dog who helps Miller with the symptoms of PTSD that resulted from his time in Vietnam.

This kind of thing happens far too often, but what’s heartening about this story is the way that Wendy Smith has reacted when she was educated about her mistake. She didn’t try to dodge responsibility, but instead admitted that she was wrong and set about trying to make up for her error. This was an important educational opportunity for many in the area.

Click here for the full story.

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