Video: Savour Every Moment

Here is a stunningly gorgeous video to kick off your day. Although there are a few cats here, this is clearly a celebration of everything dog, featuring beautiful canines in glorious slow motion. Here’s a description:

Dogs and cats seem to possess some inner secret to enjoying life.

They’re able to savour every single moment of the day; all the fun moments, and the goofy ones. The playful moments, the loving moments. If our pets could talk, they might tell us: “When you’re happy, don’t forget to tell your face. Napping is beauty sleep for the soul. Eat like nobody’s watching.”

Savour Every Moment, a new short film by renowned filmmaker, Keith Hopkin ( was an instant hit with pet lovers and pets alike when it debuted on April 27, 2013 at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City.

The film was shot on location in sand, snow and underwater with help from famed photographer Seth Casteel and a musical score by Carly Comando.


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