Video: Saying Goodbye to a War Hero Dog

We post a lot about the incredible bonds that form between soldiers and dogs when they work together in the field. Here’s a very touching story about what happens when it’s time to say goodbye forever. When Ryan Anderson’s service in Afghanistan ended, he knew he’d be bringing his partner, bomb-sniffing dog Freddie, home to live with him. After four tours of duty, Freddie had saved countless lives, and he deserved a loving, comfortable home.

But this week, at the age of 14, Freddie was in so much pain from arthritis that Anderson had to make a dog owner’s toughest decision. The video above is the family paying tribute to Freddie before they take him to the vet for one last time.

Thank you for your service, Freddie. And thak you, Ryan Anderson, for making Freddie’s last years full of love.

Click here for the full story.

Freddie, a landmine and bomb sniffing dog that served four tours in Afghanistan will be
laid to rest this week and given and remembered as a hero.
Photo via WQED

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