Video: Service Dog Walks in Place of Graduate

Here’s a sad but heartwarming story of a service dog completing something that, unfortunately, his master couldn’t. Cletus, a Pit Bull, would accompany Josh Kelly to his classes at Idaho State University, where the 38-year-old was pursuing a degree in the sciences. Unfortunately, Kelly passed away in February from complications associated with his epilepsy. At the university’s graduation ceremony earlier this month, Cletus walked in Josh’s place:

To honor his hard work, Josh’s father, Terrell Kelly, and loyal companion, Cletus, stood in his stead at the May 10 graduation ceremony and accepted his diploma. “Josh worked for years trying to earn this degree and he was in his last semester,” Terrell said in an interview posted on the Idaho State University website. “Cletus went to all those classes, too, so he probably deserves half that degree.”

What a great way to honor both Josh’s efforts to further his education and Cletus’s devotion.

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Josh Kelly and Cletus
Photo ISU

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