Video: Sheba the Allergen Dog Will Help a Young Boy Live a Full Life

Sheba the Labradoodle will help young Gabriel lead a more normal life.
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We post all the time about all the great work that service dogs to help people with disabilties. Here’s a wonderful story about how specially trained Labradoodle named Sheba will enable three-year-old Gabriel Campbell to do many things that other kids take for granted. Gabriel suffers from multiple sever allergies that have resulted in life-threatening attacks, which keep him from going to preschool, to a playground, or even to the movies. Sheba, who is being trained by Angel Service Dogs in Colorado, will sniff out allergens in the environment and alert Gabriel to their presence:

An allergy alert dog would provide an amazing “defense” in helping to keep Gabriel safe. He has already been matched with Sheeba, an adorable, loving labradoodle, who seems to be a prefect fit for our family. With Sheeba by Gabriel’s side, he just might be able to do some of the things that other children without life-threatening food allergies, do every day. Having play dates with his friends, going to the playground, eating in a restaurant, dare I say going to the movies, a birthday party or one day school, could be a reality for him. We know that this is a not a cure. “Normal” for our family will still consist of reading every label, checking, double-checking, triple-checking every ingredient, carrying his “med-bag” everywhere he goes and keeping virtually a super-human eye out for any sign of dairy, or peanuts. Life for Gabriel will always have challenges, but having a wonderful companion and tool like Sheba would allow Gabriel the opportunity to do typical things, that most other children take for granted. Not having to live in constant fear of losing his ability to breathe, would be an invaluable, life-changing gift for Gabriel. Sheeba truly is an angel sent from heaven.

Click here for the full story.

Click here to see Sheba and Gabriel’s page on the Angel Service Dogs site.

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