Video: Sick Dog Saved After Walking Into a Fire Station

A sick, stray dog in East Cleveland, Ohio, had great instincts when she wandered into a fire station on Tuesday, as if she knew that the people who work their are trained to help. And help they did. The four firefighters who encountered the struggling immediately called for help, and she was transferred to a local animal hospital. She will require months of care to heal, but she will almost certainly make a wonderful pet when she goes up for adoption:

“You see the dog that’s there, you want to say ‘eww, gross’ and judge, but underneath all that ‘eww, gross’ is just this sweet beast and a sweet animal that deserves love and care and it’s just hard to understand how she could’ve gotten this way,” said Crossroads Animal Shelter veterinarian Samantha Siclair.

The five-month-old Pit Bull mix has clearly been through a lot, but her future looks a lot brighter thanks to those caring first-responders.

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