Video: Smokey Loves Life at Age 17

Here’s a beautiful story born of heartbreak, when a family abandons their dog simply because sh is too old. Smokey’s family left her at a shelter in Illinois and then walked away. Luckily, Young at Heart Senior Pet Rescue stepped in to assure that the last years of Smokey’s life are filled with joy and love. The organization’s mission is to show people that older dogs do, in fact, make great pets. And for the dogs, “being loved in the twilight of your life is just about the greatest gift ever.”

3 thoughts on “Video: Smokey Loves Life at Age 17”

  1. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet “Smokey” in person this week when I went to her new home to trim her nails. Her story brought tears to my eyes, as I knew watching this video would … but they were happy tears at the end! “Smokey” is blessed to have found a wonderful home and God bless her new owner and the rescue organization that helped place her, for taking on this sweet senior girl!!

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