Video: Soldiers Reunited with Pups Rescued from Afghanistan

When Staff Sgt. Edwin Caba and his fellow soldiers were told they were to return to the US, they made it their next mission not to leave behind their friend Sheba and her seven puppies. It’s incredible that Caba, who had just finished his third tour of duty in Afghanistan, and whose home was destroyed by Superstorm Sandy, had the heart and drive to work to rescue these dogs. Caba explained, “It’s nice to have something to pass the time, get rid of the stress … we just built a bond you can’t even describe”

Caba was able to contact one of his high school teachers, who put him in touch with the Long Island Group Guardians of Rescue. The group, which collects donations to bring dogs back from combat zones, worked with a Kabul-based organization called Nowzad to arrange for the pups to be sent to the United States so they could be adopted by the soldiers.

The effort paid off on Wednesday night, when Sheba and her puppies were reunited with their soldier family at Save-a-Pet Animal Rescue on Long Island. The smiles on the soldiers in the video above say it all – a happy ending for human and canine alike.

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The reunited family.
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