Video: Support Pours in for Bentley, the Dog of Dallas Nurse Who Contracted Ebola

On Monday, we posted about how authorities in Dallas had decided not to euthanize Bentley, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel belonging to the nurse who has contracted ebola. This is in contrast to the sad tale of Excalibur, the dog of a Spanish nurse, who was killed out of an abundance of caution that he could spread the deadly disease.

Dog lovers around the country have taken interest in the well-being of Bentley, as this report from Today explains. The dog is being kept quarantined at a decommissioned naval base that belongs to the city. Aware that lots of people are watching, Dallas Animal Services is taking its job very seriously:

The Dallas Animal Services shelter is now providing regular updates on the dog and is accepting donated items for Bentley like toys, pee pads and paper towels, with any extra going to help other dogs awaiting adoption.

They also released the video below, which shows Bentley having a meal. So far, he seems to be doing fine, as does his owner, Nina Pham, who is in good condition at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas.

Click here for the full story.

Click here for the Dallas Animal Services facebook page.

Nina Pham and Bentley in happier times.
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3 thoughts on “Video: Support Pours in for Bentley, the Dog of Dallas Nurse Who Contracted Ebola”

  1. Hang in there Bentley and Mom (Nina). Stay strong the both of you. No one will take little precious baby (Bentley) away from you. Some just do not realize that those furry little kids are our children just like our human children. The only difference is they speak to us in barks. They need health care just as any of us do and that is what Bentley is getting. Should we give up on humans as some think animals should be given up on? They say we should not euthanize people then we should not euthanize furry children either. Pets cannot speak for themselves and that is why they have us is to protect them and stand up for them. Some people cannot speak either when they are critical, so should we kill them to? I mean what is the difference? Sick people in this world to give up on the beautiful pets in this world that are here to love us and they do love us unconditionally. I wanted to go to West Africa to help out being I am a nurse, but you know what? I won’t do it because I have a beautiful furry child I love dearly and I would never leave her side as she never leaves my side. I am her mother and I am responsible to her just as a mother is responsible to her human child.. Anyone that wants to put an animal down because of suspected Ebola is sick, selfish, and cruel. A pet has just as much of a right to remain alive and given the chance to live as a human does and if anyone disagrees then get the hell out of Dodge. Should we have put Thomas Duncan to death when he showed up with Ebola? No, he is a living breathing individual just as Bentley is.
    Nina you hang in there, get well, and pick up your baby (Bentley when you are D/C’ed (discharged). You give each other lots of hugs and kisses and pay no mind to the losers who say negative garbage. I wished I could have hugged you, Nina, when you cried in your video. I know you are scared and you are scared for your baby (Bentley), but you two will make it. You love each other and that will get you through this rough time.
    Anyway, you and Bentley both go home, chill out, and grill a couple of big huge steaks for you and Bentley. Enjoy and bless you both so much!

    Sue and Daphne (puppy)

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