Video: Surgery Restores Mobility to A Paralyzed Dog

Here’s a great story from Georgia, about a paralyzed dog named Bernie who was nursed back to health by a dedicated team of veterinary surgeons and rehab staff. After undergoing surgery to fix a disc in his neck, 12-year-old Bernie did not seem to recover as he should. But instead of giving up on the dog, his owner, Ann Stuart, remained committed to him:

“We might have euthanized him at three months, at which point nobody would have faulted her,” the surgeon said. “We would have all said recovery was not possible. If we did not have that commitment and that time we may never have found out (how much he could recover).”

Bernie is now back on his feet, albeit with a limp, after his year-long ordeal. It’s incredible how Stuart and the rehab team remained so fixated on bringing him back to his old self!

Click here for the full story.

Bernie’s owner, Ann Stuart, sits with him during a visit to his physical therapist.
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  1. I need help! My adopted 9 year old Pembroke Corgi has lost use of her back legs leaving her completely dependent on my roommate and myself. We tried physical therapy and home exercises to no avail. I have epilepsy and balance problems making it difficult to pick her up. After losing my 16 year old Cairn Terrier Flash became my best furry friend. She’s always by my side. Now she needs my help. Do you have any ideas?

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