Video: The Tragic Tale of Billy Highlights the Evils of Puppy Mills

I have mixed feelings about the work of the Humane Society of the United States—their anti-hunting stance is a real problem—but it’s hard to deny that they do lots of important work with dogs. Here’s one tragic story from 2012 that highlights the evils of puppy mills and the damage they do to dogs.

In March, during a raid on a hellish dog-breeding operation in North Carolina, Adam Parascandola discovered a terribly neglected Chihuahua in a steel cage that he could barely open. The pair bonded immediately, and Parascandola adopted the little dog, whom he named Billy. The dog was in such bad shape when he was rescued that a veterinarian gave him the lowest possible “body condition” score.

But when Parascandola got the dog home and started nursing him back to help, Billy displayed a wonderful personality that could have never been revealed in the cage. Despite his nightmarish past, he developed into a loving pet who was a “real character.” (See the video above.)

Unfortunately, Billy’s body had suffered so much damage that he passed away unexpectedly over the holidays. He simply couldn’t overcome all those years of neglect and abuse. As the video below shows, despite his sadness, Parascandola is glad he had his brief time to know Billy and enjoy his company. The video is very sad, but it gets to the heart of the puppy-mill problem in this country.

I am not suggesting that you donate to HSUS, but perhaps this story can help us all strengthen our resolve to do what we can to end these terrible breeding practices. That renewed commitment can be Billy’s legacy, which he richly deserves.

Click here for the full story.

Although Billy found a loving home, the damage of life in a puppy mill had been done.

photo via hlntv

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