Video: A Big Therapy Dog Makes a Big Impact

Four-year-old Bandit is a rescue Great Dane, and he’s doing his part to help veterans and their families in Missouri. He seems to be just one of those dogs who can make everyone around him feel better, and that magic is put to good use:

“Not only has he touched lives, we’ve had many military say he’s saved their own life. He works with many military on suicide watch and sometimes we will hear back that, if it wasn’t for Bandit, they don’t know that they would do and Bandit has reminded them what it was like to love again,” Brownfield said.

Bandit has his own Facebook page, where you can follow his adventures and see what kind of work he’s putting his big heart to on a regular basis.

Click here for the full story.

Click here to visit Bandit’s Facebook page.

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