Video: To Raise Money to Pay for Dog Adoption, Young Girl Becomes a Business Whiz

Five years ago, when then 11-year-old Madison Reed asked her parents if she could get a dog, they said, “Sure. But you have to raise the money to pay for it.” They figured that it would Madison a while to come up with the cash, but she had other ideas. Using her sewing talents, she began making dog collars that read, “I want a dog,” and she brought in the necessary $225 in just a few weeks. That’s when her best friend Lucy joined the family.

But Madison didn’t stop there. She’s now a junior in high school and running an online business called Madison Reed Designs. She sells five different models of dog collars and donates 10% of her profits to her local Humane Society. Seems there’s nothing a girl won’t do for the love of a dog.

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Lucy’s adoption fee was the impetus for Madison Reed’s entrepreneurship.
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