Video Update: Fort Worth Vet Kept FIVE Dogs Alive Without Their Owners’ Knowledge

We were all shocked by yesterday’s post about the horrific tales of an animal kept alive as a transfusion source at the Camp Bowie Animal Clinic. But new revelations are even more disturbing. Yesterday, Dr. Millard Lou Tierce was arrested on animal cruelty charges and his license was temporarily suspended after an inspection of his facility revealed horrifying evidence.

Inspectors found very unsanitary conditions, unsecured medications, and most disturbing, a dog kept in a box on the floor of an examination room. In fact, Dr. Tierce admitted that he had failed to euthanize five dogs, including a Border Collie that belonged to him.

When these allegations were brought to light, many of Dr. Tierce’s clients were quick to defend him and offerred examples of his kindness and exemplary care of their pets. It’s hard to make these anecdotes fit with the picture that inspectors paint, however. I suspect that this story will have some more twists and turns before it’s over.

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Inspectors carry out a sick dog from Camp Bowie Animal Clinic.
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4 thoughts on “Video Update: Fort Worth Vet Kept FIVE Dogs Alive Without Their Owners’ Knowledge”

  1. I worked for Dr. Tierce in the 1970’s and he was the best vet I have ever to this day met. He was also vet to all my pets. He was Clean and compassionate. He would take in dogs whose owners could not pay the vet bill and wanted the dog put down and he would fix the dog on his own time and then find the dogs new homes. I got 3 wonderful dogs from him this way. He Saved their lives when the owners gave up because of Money. I can not understand the place being a mess because when I worked for him it was SPOTLESS. He did keep a dog there to use for blood tranfusions but the dog was not abused. Something Must have happened in his life to cause him to become so lax in cleanliness and care of the dogs.

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