Video: Update on Chance the Abused Pit Bull

Last month, we featured a moving video by Eldad Hagar, of  Hope for Paws, about his rescue of Chance, a Pit Bull who had been used as a bait dog and then abandoned on the streets of Los Angeles. What was incredible about Chance’s rescue is that, by the end of the video, he is actually playing with another of Eldad’s rescues, Cadence.

As the video above shows, Chance has been adopted into a loving forever home in Phoenix, Arizona. Chance’s new mom has made a Facebook page for him and created the above video. Compared to his life on the street’s, Chance’s new home is heaven on earth. What a transformation!

Click here to visit Chance’s Facebook page.

Click here to visit Chance’s rescue video.

Chance is now in a happy, loving home.
Photo via Facebook

3 thoughts on “Video: Update on Chance the Abused Pit Bull”

  1. Thank you so much for posting this (I just saw it!) Chance has been with us a whole year now and we can’t imagine life without him.

  2. Thank god for good people, chance looks so happy. One bad persons actions causes so much pain and destruction, sad there so many evil people in the world.

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