Video: Vet Told to Leave Texas Walgreens Because of His Service Dog

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Here we go again: over the weekend, a manager at a Texas Walgreens confronted a former marine who brought a service dog inside the store. Christopher Goodson’s wife was even able to capture some of the event on video. But one of the things that’s great about this story is that everyone seems to be keeping a level head: the company has apologized and promised more education, Goodson has said that he doesn’t want anyone fired, and the end result should make it better for future folks who try to bring a dog into the store.

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3 thoughts on “Video: Vet Told to Leave Texas Walgreens Because of His Service Dog”

  1. My wife and I saw the same thing happen in a Walgreen’s in Norcross, Georgia and the disabled vet left before I could get his name. I requested my prescription back and my wife who was shopping – hairspray, toothpaste etc. put it all back on the shelves and we left. People should stop supporting these insensitive businesses until their “so called managers” learn.

    Someone smarter than me needs to create a website where these type of offenses can be reported

  2. How this story has changed in the media. I saw the raw video his wife posted on FB a few days ago, and in the video Christopher refused to show the manager any identification, stating he did not have to. While I’m still 100% in agreement with Christopher in this matter (including supporting the law that the disabled are in no way obligated to prove to an establishment a service animal’s status), he was defensive, uncooperative, and profane in the original video while his wife shot the footage. Bringing this video to light is a good idea because it will help educate companies on how to handle this sort of situation… but media: please don’t twist the facts to make this sound like Christopher was victimized even after he proved he had the right to bring his dog into Walgreens, as that is not the truth. This is not a story of corporate discrimination by Walgreens, just a story about a single store representative who made a stupid mistake because he was unaware of Christopher’s rights. Why does the media and the public have to blow everything up into a big dramafest by calling for boycotts, suing, outrage, etc?

  3. Christopher could have said profane things because of a mental issue-maybe why he had a service dog, so the dog could help calm him down. Some people get very aggressive normally while the service dog helps a lot it won’t erase his mental issues.

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