Video: Why a Dog Bed?

A dog bed is more than just a comfortable place for your best friend to sleep. It’s a place of refuge, a place to recover after activity, and a training tool. Every dog needs a “den,” where they can get away from life’s stresses and just relax. In this great video, Orvis Chairman Perk Perkins tells the fascinating story of how the first Orvis Dog Nest came to be, more than 40 years ago, and several family members and Orvis associates explain how their dogs benefit from having a high quality bed.

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    1. Dogs have been part of my 65 year life! They are den animals that need that safe place to go to. Orvis products are high quality that are made in the best interest of our animals well being. I trust a company that shows its loyalty by example. Love all of your videos! Thank you.

    2. As an animal lover first I love your products of dog beds. I have had a chewy bed for 20 years and pasted it on to my son-in-law to use. What a neat video of the start of dog beds . The company sure looks out for their employees and what a happy atmosphere it must be to have your best buddy with you while you work!

    3. We have two ” rescue ” Springer Spaniels and have an Orvis bed for each …. we did not ‘rescue ‘ them they rescued us …. they deserve the very best …they do not hunt except for food and love and give so much to us back in return ..Thanks Orvis !

      1. We have two rescue Springer Spaniels that have never missed a night with us sleeping on their personalized memory foam beds.
        They love their beds and they must be able to read cause they always go to the correct bed.
        Over the past thirty years our dogs have gone through many Orvis beds

    4. I saw Moose in the Adventures pod….my god he’s gotten huge from when he was a puppy. He’s got to be bigger than Seth now…lol.

  1. I need one my dog can’t chew a hole in and take the stuffing or foam out. Any ideas. He is a 9 month old schnauzer.

    1. I have 2 Schnauzers and I know what you mean. When Gemma was young everything was ripped apart. We bought a large bed from Orvis that fit both dogs. That was 7 years ago and it still being used.
      When they were puppies, we placed it in the middle of the living room so we could keep our eyes on them, and they’d chase around it, using it as a safty zone, and finally collapsing on to it to sleep.

      1. Your comment is a year old so no doubt you found a bed. If you’re still searching, go with the Orvis Tough Chew. Mine has lasted 20 years, through 4 dogs. The stuffing has been changed a few times but the cover is in tact, faded, but still going strong!

      2. Yes any of the memory foam beds are pretty indestructible. We have a rescue hound and I have a short video of him trying to destroy his bed, without success. He does this every day, every day…I can still remove the cover to wash without breaking the fibers. Send me an email,, I will share the video. Rescue is a Rottweiler/ mutt combo, about 80lbs.

    2. Likely need to treat the source of the problem. Maybe anxiety. Maybe lonely for too long or maybe he needs only ONE toy to chew on. I do not know. If he has too many, he does not know that his bed is a no-no. There are no fabric that will resit a dogs teeth and determination. Please take no offense, but I personally learned a lot from “dog for dummies”, and especially about dealing with behavior. Good luck.

    3. I have a 37 lb. voracious chewer. He has destroyed 5 beds. He rips the stuffing out and throws the bed around. I am willing to invest in one of your beds. Please give me some ideas.

    4. From Cindy Dunican, one of our merchants:

      There is no such thing as a chewproof bed, but we do have a ToughChew beds ( made with a ripstop nylon, making it more difficult to destroy than other fabrics on the market. We have also removed the cording (one less thing for the dog to chew) that you see in our other beds and have replaced our traditional nylon zipper with a metal zipper. There are two styles: a bolster (a favorite of all dogs out there) and a platform bed. You have the option of our Comfortfill-Eco or our Memory Foam. Personally, I feel the Memory Foam is the best op,ion as it makes it more difficult for the dog to grab, due to the foam filling the fabric. It also makes the bed heavier, so your dog will be less likely to be able to throw the bed around. This is a bigger investment, but you can rely on our Big Catch Guarantee.

      1. We have used the large, round Orvis dog beds for years. And you are correct, our dog Babygirl cannot chew it apart. BUT, she rearranges the bed so hard with her feet and mouth, she pops your metal zipper open and pulls out the stuffing with great happiness. SO, the solution to this is that I have to sew by hand the flap that covers the metal zipper shut from one end to the other so she cannot get to the zipper to pop it open, but she still gives it a good try!

    5. I have two rambunctious 2-yo Schnauzers and two young Labs who pulverize foam beds, EXCEPT for one particular Orvis memory foam bed with an upholstery fabric cover. I have four of those and have bought almost every cover available in that fabric.

    6. I would say he’s still a pup and puppies like to chew…
      You might wait until he’s older…
      Give him an old beach towel or

    7. Maybe an elevated bed would work? I bought a couple on Amazon for outside beds, and my dogs like them. They have an easily assembled frame that holds a fabric sleeve, a little like a hammock, so there is no attractive stuffing to `disembowel’.

    8. My suggestion would be to let him get a little older and grow out of the desire to chew everything. My 11 mo. Vizsla is the same way. My past dogs were the same to varying degrees, they all grew out of it and became “perfect little angels’, well perfect anyway. Hang in there, he’ll likely grow out of that chewing stage.

  2. Our Golden Retriever had the oval bed all of her life and she was 15 1/2 years old when she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. As much as Maggie loved HER bed, on occasion……she would “share” it with our visiting pets! Wonderful bed, precious dog! There is going to be one more in my future…..I will be 74 in July…Love them so much..K

    1. I am 72 and our 2 beloved Goldendoodles girls crossed over last year. It was so tough but we now have 2 new puppies that are filling the hole in my heart. Never too old to get a new pup. They keep us young. Pups live their beds too as did my other big girls. They deserve to be spoiled.

      1. Thank you for your comments about never too old to get a puppy. I hope my dog is around for quite a while yet, but I too would like to get a puppy soon. I know some people think at 74 I shouldn’t, but I’m very active and very healthy for now. Again I appreciated your comment. I cannot imagine my life without a dog. I treat my dog like I gave birth to her. I have a red Standard Poodle.

  3. Bought a medium dog nest for my 45 lb. Aussie, Charlie and immediately my 80 lb. Golden, Elle, claimed it despite having her own platform bed. She’s a little big for it but curls up into a ball. They now take shifts throughout the night enjoying the nest.

  4. Thank you for sharing the video. My dogs have several Orvis dog beds and love them all!
    The video is exactly what we need to share to make us smile – and to remind us that the coronavirus will too pass if we recognize we are one world and need to care for each other. Our pets teach us that everyday! Thank you Orvis.

  5. Loved the video esp. the goat. Needed something warm and fuzzy today with this corona confinement. My goldendoodle loves his Orvis bed but he’s in mine right now with me.

  6. I have three Border Collies, each has her own oval memory foam Orvis bed and they LOVE them! So very comfortable for a tired dog, especially my senior dog who has some arthritis. We’ve had these beds a few years now, superb investment. Don’t waste money on cheap beds that don’t last and aren’t comforting to your dog.

  7. “Ain’t it the truth?” as we’ve heard about many things…..for many years. Nothing like a dog to change perspective on everything, even if for bits of each day…..a burst of joy and “wow, isn’t life amazing??” We have a ten month old Japanese Chin full of that joy. A very quiet dog who only chatters (not bark) when she has something important to say. Love the video and the goat!

  8. Skipper was born to have his name, since he bounces with every step he takes. It took a while for him to get his right name, though, because we found him at the humane shelter when he was seven years old. Oddly, his original name was said to be Scooter, which sounded enough like Skipper that he didn’t have much trouble adjusting. Also, his rear end looks a little like a Schipperke, so Skipper was a good bet. He has three dog beds in our office/den, two more at the end of our bed, and one in the garage/woodwork shop. He sometimes drags one from the bedroom to the office just because that’s the one that is right for the moment. At the age of 15 he is the supreme ruler of the house and our lives, and we love every minute of it.

  9. Would like to know if any of the dog beds have the “bb” filling. Bought a second “tough chew” round bed years ago with our original dog. She was not crazy about it and either is the second. Also disappointed that the cover for the round “tough chew” was no longer available.

  10. Loved your video! Loved reading the comments from your customers! Honest and heartwarming. My son has a Havinese,I will pass all this info on to him Thank You for all you do .ValerieM

  11. I have a wonderful Orvis bed.
    My Scottie slept on it happily for
    many months- then, to my surprise,
    he discovered the superior comfort
    of my own, much larger one, and
    the lovely bed is used for afternoon
    I must say, also, that the bed may be
    laundered at home, and turn out like

  12. I have 117 pound great Dane girl her name is Princess and she has ripped every bed that I have gotten her within 24 hours. We got her the Orvis platform bed at first she didn’t like it because she couldn’t rip it up and she tried and now it is the highlight of her long restful nights. It was a wonderful investment wish I known about this marvelous bed when she was a pup The money I spent buying beds I could’ve just bought this one bed and be done with it, trust me it is a very chew proof bed thank you for this wonderful product it’s truly amazing

  13. We lost Oliver a few weeks ago, after 14.5 years of bondful bliss. He had two Orvis beds and loved each. Pet Loss at Home was where he took his last breath. The next day, my wife remarked that it was the first time in 46 years that we had been without a pet.
    We called it the “killing fields,” but Oliver loved his Orvis chew toys, the HuggleHounds. He would take them out the doggie door and remove the squeakers. So the grass patch in Albuquerque collected a half-dozen or more of quiet Huggles. To be played with, even silently.
    A week after Oliver crossed The Bridge (I volunteer at Animal Humane New Mexico so am familiar with the term,) we found Chloe, an 11 year old, Blue Heeler/Lab mix. She discovered one direction of the doggie door the first night; both directions by the next morning. She has an Orvis bed in the living room, and one in the bedroom, which she has slept on a few times. She has figured out the window seat pads and passed her first Vet inspection a few days ago.
    The Orvis beds are her dens, after she chases the Katzenjammers and Road Runners out of the back yard. Tiring work, don’t cha know.
    Orvis, five thumbs up! I need to go check on Chloe, though she may be shifting on her bed.
    Many thanks for publishing all the stories.
    Tony B.

  14. I loved the video. Last year at Christmas we purchased a memory foam bed for our dog. She is older and was having trouble sleeping in her favorite chair and knew it was a good idea to find her a bed she could easily get into that would provide the support she needed. At first, I questioned the wisdom of spending money on a bed she might not use. It was well worth the cost. Often you will find her resting in it. It was placed in front of the TV with a bow on it at the Holidays. Our dog will now not allow it to be moved. I will never regret purchasing a quality bed for the most treasured member of our family.

  15. I purchased a dog bed from you 35 years ago. As my daughter and I were opening the box our new puppy went nuts! He knew it was for him!
    It became his special place.
    When he grew old and arthritic we bought him a new model for senior dogs and he dutifully slept on it next to our bed. Until the night he died, when he woke up my husband and I. He was so weak that we had to help him but he wanted to get to his old bed in the living room. When we woke up in the morning we knew he had died comforted by his special place.

    1. Oh my! How touching. They are our greatest asset aren’t they. Dogs can teach us so much, IF we are willing and able to learn. Never too old to learn from them. I put my beloved “Kate” down last year and miss her every day, deeply. Have gotten a shelter dog that loves “Kate’s” Orvis beds that I have in every room and in the shop, too! They last forever, just wish the dog could last as long. An invest well worth every penny.

  16. A “German Shepherd Pointer?” Is that a new breed or did the man in the video mean “German Wirehaired Pointer?” I’ll have you know I nearly had a heart attack! 🙂

  17. This video, showing a man with his pet goat, was resent in an email today. Do you realize that 4 minutes later you sent an email advertising your goatskin Katahdin leather coat?

  18. I have a rescue Golden Retriever who was raised in a cage as a breeder. There is no bed she can’t chew through. Having said that I last purchased an Orvis bolster bed that was on sale. I had spent so much money on dog beds but love the Orvis beds and it was a great sale. I placed the bed in our dining room where there is little traffic and quiet. She has slept on that bed now for almost 2 years when she has her quiet time and never chewed it at all. All other dog beds in our house are fair game though (we have 4 dogs). Just saying if you have dogs that chew you will eventually have some sort of solution although it may not be placed where YOU want the bed.

  19. Our dog Zonker, a Weimaraner, carries his dog bed around like Linus. He folds it in half with his nose, then grabs the middle in his mouth, so he can lie in the sun coming in the window or be in the room with you. He never lies on it as it was intended. He folds it with his nose and curls his lanky frame into the folds.

  20. My wife of 30 plus years has been with me over four dogs currently. Each was as unique as a human relationship. They did not all last 13 years. The dog beds came and went from being just worn out, but one, yours. The cover has ‘Bear’ (#3) on it and is still going strong. Funny thing about dog people. Years and other dogs later, we still cry about that special one.

  21. We had gotten my dog Kaj a new Orvis memory foam bed when he was diagnosed with cancer. At 115lbs my rescue Boxer required the extra large size. Our yorkie Susie tried to steal it (and NOT share). He used that bed all time, it was his comfie place off my lap. After he went “over the bridge” I felt it was a bit too much bed for Susie and donated it to our local shelter. I encourage anyone replacing a dog bed to donate the old one. Shelters always can use them.

  22. I bought a round dog nest with her name embroidered on it for my terrier Lucy for her Christmas present when she was a year old. This was about 19 or 20 years ago. Lucy crossed the Bridge a few years ago, but we still have her dog nest. My dachshund, Trinket has adopted it.; it’s her bed in the den. It’s still in good shape although our Lab mix wrecked the zipper when we first adopted her. The Lab mix never gets on the nest, but Daisy the tortie sometimes does, at times when Trinket is on it as well.

  23. I Bought a dog bed from Orvis last year for our Labrador. I was out of town on a hunting trip when the bed arrived. My wife took it out of the bag & the dog went straight to it. He acted like he knew it was his. He absolutely loves it. When he it tired from playing with other dog, he is either on the cool tile floor or on his bed curled up. We even take it with us on trips

  24. We have two Leonbergers … Lizzie and Tova. We also have 6 Orvis bolster beds … three upstairs and three downstairs.
    They “rotate” throughout the 24 hour cycle lol. The youngest one was tough on beds as a puppy, but she’s outgrown the urge to chew on everything that isn’t nailed down. I bought extra covers for each one so I can wash two and still have enough beds for “the rotation”. They are great beds and stand up to the size and weight of my 220 lbs worth of dog. We are in our 60s … they keep us up and moving!

  25. I love your dog videos. Up until 5 years ago, we had always owned dogs. At that time, our beloved GSP and our black Lab both passed away. I still miss them so much. We have thought about getting a dog again, but at our age we probably need a small to medium sized dog, and there are not any available where we live. On Petfinder, all I see are large dogs and mostly pit bull or pit bull mixes. Many have behavior issues, and we have young grandchildren who are frequent visitors in our home. Most breeders have waiting lists for puppies. What happened to all the dogs, especially the smaller dogs? Perhaps the spay and neuter programs have been too successful. For now, I will have to be content with loving on my daughter’s dog.

  26. Please bring back the Nest!!! I have 3 that I have collected over 20+ years. Many dogs have loved them. I need another one!

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