Video: The Woman Who Reunites Soldiers and Dogs

The headline for this news story from Boise, Idaho, is “Soldier and dog reunited at Boise Airport,” but the real story for me is about the woman who brought them back together. Molly Oliver is a flight attendant for United Airlines who has made it her mission to bring soldier and the dogs they served with together. At her own expense, she flies the dogs from the military kennels where they are housed to wherever the dog’s former partner lives. In this video, we see Taylor flown to Boise to live with Sgt. Tom Hansen, with whom she served in Afghanistan. Bravo to both Oliver and Hanson, and we’re thrilled that Taylor can live out her days in a loving and safe home.

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P.S. Don’t mind that horrible typo in the news chyron.

12 thoughts on “Video: The Woman Who Reunites Soldiers and Dogs”

  1. How can we get in touch with Molly oliver? I would like to see about helping with the organization or help to raise funds for her?

    1. I’d like to help Molli Oliver in someway with her heartfelt, noble mission. Please advise. I read others want to help too. Perhaps there’s a way to raise the funds necessary to help Molli, our dedicated, deserving handlers, and most importantly, the warrior dogs who have more than earned a belly scratching nap on the couch, sleeping in a comfortable bed, and eating all the table scraps they’ve earned. And chasing squirrels in the backyard.

  2. Please Let us know how we can Help Molly continue to reunite dogs with soldiers. How can we reach Molly Oliver?

  3. I’m a veteran and a lab owner myself. How can I contribute to Molly in her effort to reunited the dogs and soldiers?

  4. I would love to help Molly too, how can I. God Bless her for her helping our Military in a totally unselfish way.

    Teddi Lynn

  5. Wow, hurray for you Molli Oliver. How can I contribute to your cause, bringing this dog Tay,Tay home to her most bestest friend is beyond magnificent. Please allow me to contribute. You are truly a caring person Thanks, Jan Reaves

  6. Can be an escort from the ME to US (Houston) for dogs. Pls contact me if you need my help. Experienced animal rescuer.

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