Video: Woman Wants Justice After Beloved Family Dog Dies at Virginia Groomer

When Allison Marks dropped her beloved two-year-old Golden Retriever, Colby, at a Virginia Petco last week, she expected to pick him up later and marvel at how great he looked. Instead, she got a terrifying phone call telling her to rush to a local animal clinic.

She said she walked in and saw Colby on the vet’s table with “glazed over” eyes. Marks said the Petco assistant manager told her they had given Colby a bath and he was in the drying unit when they found him.

“I just started screaming. Colby was my everything,” she said, noting that the vet said Colby had been dead for at least 45 minutes “and his temperature was still above 105 degrees.”

You won’t believe the reason she was given for why the dog died. . . .

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4 thoughts on “Video: Woman Wants Justice After Beloved Family Dog Dies at Virginia Groomer”

  1. I believe this dog suffered terribly at the hands of Petco’s employee and all staff who did not do anything when this dog must have been crying out loud. Colby’s parents I can only imagine how they are suffering thinking how their beloved dog suffered? I know how I would feel if this were my dog it would be hard to live thinking how he suffered so. There needs to be restitution to Colby’s parents it won’t bring Colby back but maybe All groomers everywhere will pay more attention to what they are doing. Maybe automatic shutoffs after the right time has elapsed. This is not the first case I have heard about. I take care of my own furbabies so nothing happens to them.

  2. why do they continue to let these so called groomers at Petco groom your dog. never leave your pet at any groomer. If its not that then the problem is pet food from China killing and making dogs sick. Then it takes Petco 1 year to get product off the shelf….. really? It takes 1 year because they are still selling it and don.t want to lose money. Come on people get smarter!!!

  3. I was happy with my first grooming at Petco, so I brought my Bichon/poodle mix Griffin, back for a second time.
    We were told it would take 4 hours, but we had finished our errands and lunch and arrived an hour early. We were in no hurry and never told them we were. But they must have thought we were because they rushed the haircut, and then cut his nails in such a hurry that they clipped the quick of one, causing him to cry out. Then they charged me for a “deluxe” grooming when I had wanted a regular one. They don’t give the billing until they are finished. And no apology for hurting my dog. either. No more chain stores for me and my dog. I go to a locally owned place now.

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