Video: Worst Fourth of July Dog Owner to Face Charges

In the run-up to Independence Day, social media and dog blogs like this one are at pains to remind dog owners that fireworks can create fear and stress for their best friends. But one Atlanta dog owner decided that it would be funny to set off some fireworks right next to his dog. And the dufus even had his daughter film it. Well, the reaction to his video was not what he thought, and authorities are now on the case. Let’s hope they throw the book at him.

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10 thoughts on “Video: Worst Fourth of July Dog Owner to Face Charges”

  1. That ranks #1 for the stupid dog owner! He should not be able to own another dog ever! He won’t be getting the Best father award!! He’s apparently taught his daughter it’s ok to be cruel to animals. What a douche!! Hope he goes to jail!!

  2. He lied about not knowing the dog was there….he looked at the dog several times and watched everything from behind the door. He does not regret doing that to the dog, he regrets posting it on Facebook and getting all the bad comments. He should not be able to have any pets…who knows what he will do next; its apparent that he doesn’t care for the dog.

  3. Can you say, ‘terrorist’? There needs to be a law that would show no mercy to an animal abuser!! What a waste of space!!!

  4. Take dog away immediately. This moron should NEVER own another dog. He is a LIAR.
    Cruelty is a tame word for what he did. Terrorizing animals is a pathetic unforgivable behavior.
    This guy regrets posting his video because now he must explain his stupidity & complete lack of understanding of animals.
    And why does he happen to be carrying a bag of kibble for the news interview?

  5. Dear MR Idiot, you should just stick a fire work down your throat and die. Period you piece of worthless S&W#^%**T !!!!

  6. sad that people think that sort of thing is funny. it’s traumatizing to animals and insects, and pets are so trusting of their persons. im sad this happened and i hope this guy learned a lesson and a few others have maybe learned a lesson from his piss hole attempt at humor.

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