Video: Would Your Dog Protect You During a Break-in?

The watchdog is a popular image in our culture: the brave canine protects his owner’s property from ne’er-do-wells who would take advantage of an “empty” home. But do you think that your dog would confront an intruder? A TV station in Oregon decided to put some of these pets to the test:

Professional protection dog trainer Omri Geva suited up to stage a break-in at Szlavich’s Aloha home, equipped with a Go Pro to catch her dogs in the act.

The results were surprising. . .at least to the dogs’ owners.

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One thought on “Video: Would Your Dog Protect You During a Break-in?”

  1. I have a rescue pitbull, and if you came in my house with a box of chicken wings she’d probably help you load my stuff into your truck.

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