Videos: 4th-Grade Students Learn from a Brave Dog How to Be Good Pet Guardians

Here are two videos about a brilliant new program, being piloted in Detroit, which aims to teach kids about how to be a good pet owner. The goal is to avoid the behaviors that lead to an increase in stray dogs:

The #1 issue facing domesticated dogs in large cities in the United States today is a lack of education in the community on what it means to be a good pet guardian. The Detroit Public Schools system is enthusiastic to teach with the Good Pet Guardian Lesson Plans beginning with 4th graders because they teach core curriculum subjects most important to the teachers, students, and parents and do not push an agenda.

This seems like a great way to approach a problem that affects cities and towns across the country. Click the link below to see the curriculum for the program, which should produce a much better-educated and compassionate population of dog lovers, which can only help.

Click here for the full story.

2 thoughts on “Videos: 4th-Grade Students Learn from a Brave Dog How to Be Good Pet Guardians”

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