Videos: How a Long Lost Letter Changed an Elderly Shelter Dog’s Life

Here’s an amazing story about how a shelter dog who had spent six years living in a shelter in Bradenton, Florida. After several failed adoption attempts, shelter workers assumed that the dog would live out his days without a forever home. And then something remarkable happened: staffers found a letter from Roofus’s original family. The letter was so touching that the local TV station did a story on Roofus. And that was all it took:

Roofus is now living with the Duffy family, who lost their own beloved dog a year ago. When they saw the news report about Roofus, it touched Karen Duffy’s heart:

“I looked over at my husband when they started talking about Roofus and of course he went, ‘Uh oh,’” Duffy said. “I immediately was in love and ready to have him in the house.”

Talk about a happy ending!

Click here for the full story.

Karen Duffy and Roofus will now share a loving home.
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