Videos: New Commercials Let Dogs Shine

Advertising agencies know that Americans love their dogs and will watch anything if there’s a sweet or funny or cute pooch involved. Here are four recent commercials that take different perspectives on the roles of dogs in out lives. Whether you care at all about the products being advertised, I’m sure you’ll enjoy these, if you haven’t seen them. The last one will certainly make you laugh, and numbers 1 and 3 might bring a tear to your eye.

2 thoughts on “Videos: New Commercials Let Dogs Shine”

  1. Has Orvis considered adding a white collar to the personalized nylon collar line? My dog has gone blind and the canine ophtamologist recommended getting a collar with “Blind Dog” on it so other owners we encounter will be alerted that my dog cannot “meet” other dogs the normal way. I was doubtful but It actually works very well.

    There is a company that makes a collar embroideried with blind dog but it only comes in large/xlarge and is an inch wide. Not very useful for smaller breeds.

    Just a thought since you are a leader in dog products for handicapped dogs.

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