Virginia Firefighter Rescues Dogs from Fire. . .and Doesn’t Stop There

Firefighter Lieutenant Rick Trudeau with two of the four dogs rushed to a vet clinic after being rescued from the fire.
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We’ve posted stories about heroic firefighters before, but here’s one dog-loving lieutenant who took his assistant one step further. When a fire destroyed a house in Alexandria, Virginia last week, Firefighter Lieutenant Rick Trudeau helped rescue the homeowners and four of their five dogs. Unfortunately, one of the family’s Bernese Mountain Dogs perished in the blaze.

The rescued dogs were badly injured and had to be rushed to a veterinary hospital, and Lieutenant Trudeau rode along, administering oxygen. The next day, he returned to the scene of the blaze to see if he could help in any way. When the dog’s owner said that he was worried about the cost of the dogs’ veterinary care, the firefighter went into action to help. . .

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Lieutenant Trudeau continues to visit the dogs, who are recovering from the fire.
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