Enter to Win a FREE Dog Bed in our “Help Us Help Dogs” Contest

Written by: Orvis Dog Contest

Like you, we at Orvis love our dogs, and we love to help them. Through our Dog Photo Contest and our partnership with Morris Animal Foundation, we’ve helped raise nearly a half million dollars for canine cancer research. But there is so much more we wish to do. In fact, there are so many worthy causes for our canine friends that we are asking you, our customer, to help us choose a worthy cause and making a fun contest of it. In the comments section below, leave us a suggestion for a cause we can support to help better the lives of dogs. Other visitors can then “like” your comment by clicking the “thumbs up” next to it. Encourage folks to vote. The customer whose suggestion gets the most votes by Monday, June 6 at 4 PM eastern wins a FREE Orvis Dog Bed, and may well have chosen Orvis’s next great cause to support dogs. Have fun!

8 thoughts on “Enter to Win a FREE Dog Bed in our “Help Us Help Dogs” Contest”

  1. i am looking for a Dogs Bed for my dog please help me find a dogs bed for my dog please thank you and i am need some dogs Food to we have three dogs we have no money for buy them a dogs food God Bless

  2. I have a Jackrussel,bulldog mixed;(HoocH). He needs a bed bad.I call him my son, I would get him 1 but can’t so he sleeps with me.

  3. I have 2 dogs one she is 12 years old her name is cinnamon she is chow sharpee and chow shes is my big baby and I just recently got me a full blooded dachshund puppy she is 4 months and she is a little,stinker and thinks ,she should be aloud to sleep where ever we are so I decided to look for beds for the both of them so they can be comfy when it’s bedtime whrn I came across this site and thlight what the heck its worth a try…

  4. Craven amimal shelter in New Bern, North Carolina needs dog beds. They are desprate and have little support from their community. Please let them win a bed, even if it is one at a time. God Bless you all.

  5. I have a 1 year old half lab and half pitbull.She loves her bed.I just thought she will purely enjoy your bed.I hope she will win one.Praying.

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