When a Man Questioned a Boy’s Need for a Service Dog

A diabetic-alert dog must be with his “human” at all times to be effective.
Photo via yahoo.com

We post frequently about situations in which a person with a service dog runs into problems in a restaurant or store. But rarely have we read such a heartfelt account of one such experience as the one by Maggie Jones, published on Yahoo. Her tale of taking her kids and her five-year-old’s diabetic-alert dog to an ice-cream parlor really captures how emotionally fraught going out in public can be:

“Unless that’s a service dog, you need to get it out of here.”

I was taken back. All three children spun around to look at the man, then darted their eyes to me. I looked at Bruce, who was wearing a vest indicating he was a service animal, as well as a patch that read, “STOP! Do not distract. Do not pet.”

“He is a service dog,” I said quietly and confused.

“Oh, yeah? For what? What disability do we have today?” he responded gruffly.

Reading this will change the way you look at people with service dogs when you see them public.

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