“Why We Rescue”: 50 Rescue Stories from Across America

Marissa and Scout, 14-week-old a Border Collie/Blue Heeler mix.
Photo by Theron Humphrey

Photographer Theron Humphrey has embarked on an ambitious project to focus his lense on shelter dogs across the country. The result is a series of images that show the day-to-day lives of these dogs and the owners who have taken them in. Here’s how Humphrey describes “Why We Rescue”:

Why We Rescue is a yearlong story-telling documentary that is traversing across all 50 states highlighting how pets transform our lives for the better. This project is an opportunity to share everyday stories on how those pets can open our homes and hearts to the world.

Along the way we are telling one shelter/rescue pet story in each state. Click on your state for an opportunity to share your story.

There are so many great images and stories here that it’s hard to tear yourself away from the site. Each story has an audio portion and lots of photos. This is a wonderful project that you’ll want to return to again and again.

Click here to visit the “Why We Rescue” site.
Click here for Theron Humphrey’s Instagram page.

Olive lives in Delaware with Charise and David.
Photo by Theron Humphrey

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