Win a $500 Orvis Dogs Gift Card!

Here we go! Time to celebrate some warm weather here in Vermont and give one lucky winner a $500 Gift Card!

That can buy your pooch a nice Orvis dog bed.

Here’s the deal: Use the widget below to tell us how many dogs you have (the answer can be 0, but if so – we encourage you to look into adding a pup to your household!), and you’ll be entered in the random drawing. One lucky winner will receive a $500 Gift Card that can be used for any Orvis products—from dog beds, to women’s and men’s apparel, to gift and home items.

You can double your chances of winning by subscribing to the Orvis Mailing list, too, using the same widget. If that’s not enough, share on your social networks using the widget and increase your chances even more when your friends share!

The contest runs through Wednesday, March 25, and one winner will be chosen at random to receive a $500 gift card! Good luck!

The sweepstakes is open only to legal residents of the USA who are 18 or older.

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91 thoughts on “Win a $500 Orvis Dogs Gift Card!”

      1. I have 2 spoiled pups that mean the world to me. Bailey is an 8 year old brittany spaniel & Bella is a 7 year old beagle boston terrier mix and they LOVE EVERYTHING ORVIS! I think they believe Orvis designed everything just for them. LOL

  1. Love Orvis , and their love for the dogs , I have a Doberman female and a Black Lab mix they are great dogs both rescues , this would go a long way for their benefit

  2. We now have just two wonderful dogs and one cat. But two years ago we have 3 dogs, 1 grand dog, and 3 cats. Age and illness has taken some over the rainbow bridge. Those we have or have shared their lives with us as part of our family have enjoyed an Orvis dog bed. We would love to get a new bed for our next rescue pup. Thanks.

  3. I love the Orvis blog! I have 1 dog named Charley, he is a Golden Retriever that would absolutely love this bed!

  4. An Australian Shepherd/Black Lab Mix and a Stafford shire. They would run my household but I also have a kitten that keeps them in line.

  5. I have 2 dogs, one black lab-seal, and one yellow lab-daisy. Soon to have a new member joining in 2 more weeks! A little chocolate lab I am naming brookie:)

  6. 3 dogs – Harley the Terrier, Gertie my puggle and Dylan the Cocker Spaniel. We also have Beauregard the Beagle we are fostering – who just destroyed Harley’s bed and his Teddy bear. We’re hoping Beauregard finds a home real soon!

  7. Love you guys.
    Rember when our shepherd kept eating your dog beds and you kept on replacing them ’til we went to a hard plastic
    platform. It still has her tooth marks.

  8. I have two dogs. A French bulldog named Parker and a Boxer named Sophie. They’re the best. Orvis gear is also the best. I shop no where else for my fly fishing gear and their dog beds look insanely comfortable.

    1. Hi Kathy. In order to get an additional entry by sharing, one of your friends on facebook has to enter the contest using the link you shared. Here’s how the contest widget, Rafflecopter, describes it: “For each friend that enters the giveaway through that unique URL, the referring individual will receive +1 entry into the giveaway. Each entrant can refer up to 10 people for each giveaway.” Thanks for participating and good luck!

  9. We are a nonprofit that finds homes for dogs, so we have lots of dogs come through our Dog Adoption House. Thank you Orvis Baton Rouge for hosting is each weekend for off site adoption events!

  10. We have 3. One beautiful German Shorthair Pointer and two Jack Russell’s. They are such wonderful friends and team mates. Two of them are my agility teammates – the oldest JRT participated until two years ago when both of her eyes had to be surgically removed. She truly amazes us everyday.

  11. Three Pembroke Welsh corgis, a golden retriever, 2 cats and 3 horses keep our household busy. We have Orvis collars for our dogs with their name and our telephone number on them. Our oldest corgi decided to go exploring when she was staying overnight with a friend while we were away. After a 2-1/2 day “wander” someone caught her and called us. We were so thankful she had her collar on!

  12. I am going to get a Westie–I need a SMALL bed! BTW, I am an Orvis. We’re all related, or so my mother told me.

  13. I have a Golden Retrieve/Irish Setter mix, his name is Fritzel. Fritzel is my hard working hearing dog. Fritzel would luv a new Orvis bed. If I won then Frizel would get a new Orvis bed, and my truck….a back seat protector. Thank you for your consideration.

  14. We have two black lab mixes, Sophie is 12 yrs old and Sadie is 9. Sophie could use a new doggie bed, because she just had surgery to remove a very large tumor from her liver. She has been recuperating, doing well and trying to get back to good health. Sadie is her side kick and watches over her. Those doggie beds look very comfy, I would buy both my dogs one !

  15. Fell in love with Gordon Setters– great house dogs and hunting companion. We compete with our six dogs, ranging in ages from 5 months to 12-year, in field trials. More fun than diehard competitors. Gets us out of the house and spending time with the dogs is always fun.

  16. We got our Orvis bed when we had just one golden retriever. Now, we have another golden and a rescue boxer mix. Silly dogs all lay on the bed together, but it really is too small for them all. We’d LOVE to get a bigger bed for our beautiful babies!!!

  17. Two: one smart and cute as a button Jack Russel named Mickey, with Mickey Mouse ears on his back and the sweetest little Pug you have ever met. She is my Rosie girl and I just love them so much!

  18. If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to use the widget in the post above to enter the contest. We absolutely love the comments, but we won’t use them to pick the winner. Thanks!

  19. I know of a few rescues that I would love to gift some of your products to if I win this gift card. I have 6 dogs and they love their Orvis gifts!

  20. 3 dogs: one 6 year old black Lab, one 6 month old black lab and a 4 year old miniature Schnauzer mix.

  21. Just got our puppies new tough chew dog bed in the mail – she loves it! Will be ordering products from your company in the future!

  22. I have a Siberian Husky/ Malamute mix rescue who has reached a whopping 140 lbs. & who loves to sprawl out at night…I am having a hard time finding a bed large enough and that I can afford. I would love to have this bed to make him more comfortable.

    1. I own 2 rescue dogs a mini schnauzer who is 8 years old “casper” and a Giant Schnsuzer who is 2 years old “Annie”. They are a big part of put family whom we love dearly!!

  23. my 9 year old german shepherd rescue dog would love to have $500 bucks to spend on herself for some nice beds and such to be comfy in her last few years! do you make a drift boat bed?? woof

  24. I have two very spoiled furchildren who would love more toys and treats to litter my floors with. I love them to distraction so it wouldn’t be a problem to pick out things for them.

  25. We have two golden retrievers, or rather they have us. We have one Orvis bed. I think you see the need.

  26. We have 3 dogs, a basset hound, and 2 shorkies(Yorkie/Shitzhu mixed)…..they are some fat lazy dogs, and would love to have a a gift card to get some cool doggy gear from Orvis!!!

  27. We have 2 rescues. One is a border collie mix and the other a pit mix. The pit mix had been shot when we found him and has to have front leg amputated. He is doing great as a tripod and pay to have a loving home

  28. I have 3 AMAZING dogs!! I have a 6 yr old female Springer Spaniel shi tzu mix, a 2 yr old male Blue Heeler and a 7 month old Great Dane! My dogs mean the world to me and diserve the very best I can give them! They have helped me through some of the darkest times of my life and I don’t know what I would do with out them!!!

  29. we have two labs, Angel and Hershey. Angel is 10 and has arthritis which means I keep trying to find her the best comfortable bed. Hershey is huge and likes to stretch out to sleep and finding a bed that fits has not been easy. Would love to get them Orvis beds to show them the love they have given to me over the years.

  30. I am a volunteer puppy raiser for Canine Companions for Independence a national organization that provides assistance dogs and on-going support to people with disabilities free of charge. I turned in my first puppy, Priscilla, in November who is doing well in advanced training who I hope will be matched with her “forever person” in May. I am now raising Rhonda who is 5 months old who I will turn-in May 2016! Saying goodbye is so hard, but raising a puppy to enhance someone’s life living with a disability is so rewarding. These dogs change and improve their lives tremendously! My Puppies in training would just LOVE an Orvis bed!

  31. My husband and I have four dogs, all rescued. Audrey and Cocoa re sisters/littermates born at our house to a foster dog (4 1/2). Audrey competes in agility and Cocoa in canine nosework. Patches is a little hound doggie with a lot to say (5 1/2), and Django is a brindle whippet mix who came to us from another planet (just turned 10).

  32. Would love to have Orvis merchandise for my dog, Molly. She is a rescue dog..half beagle and half husky.
    Her high energy keeps me moving and she deserves the best!

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  34. I’m here to enter the contest, but I have to tell you that …. never mind the dogs, I drool over the items in this catalog (DOGalog?)

  35. Aloha Friend: I have a 9 yrs. old Autumn-Color Mixed Terrier called “Maggie” My best friend in the world! I’d love to win someof your products for her!! I’d like to show her how much “I love her!” Thank-you friend!

  36. We had to recently put our beloved dog down. We are looking into adopting a new one and a nice new doggie bed would be a wonderful item to welcome it to our family!

  37. I have my eye on the Lift Assist Harness and the Pet Ramps. Our oldest dog is 13 and arthritic, it would be really nice to be able to help her up the stairs and into the car.

    Thank you for the giveaway! Now that I’ve discovered you, I’ll be sure to consider you for future purchases for my dogs. 🙂

  38. We have 3 dogs, Lucy, Trix and Rex. Lucy is a large lab weighing in at about 75 lbs. Trix is a beautiful blue-tic hound and Rex is a Jack-Russell Terrier. They all are gentle loving dogs. They would love an Orvis bed!

  39. ihave three dogs that i accumalated over the years these were dogs that nobody wanted. they have been great pets and i would have more if i had the room.

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