Win a Lounger Deep Dish Dog Bed in Our Tax Day Giveaway!

Picture your best friend stretching out on this luxurious bed!
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Unless you live in Maine or Massachusetts–where it’s Patriots’ Day–today is Tax Day. To help cushion the blow, we are giving away a Lounger Deep Dish Dog Bed. This is a seriously comfortable place for your pooch to lay its head. A deeply cushioned sleeping area and a higher bolster–a combination your dog will find blissfully inviting–increase your dog’s comfort and sense of security. Choose from a 4-inch-thick cushion of supportive memory foam designed specifically for dogs or our cozy polyester-filled cushion that refuses to clump or flatten. Our velvety-soft quilted microfiber cover with piping along the bolster edges looks as good as it feels.

All you have to do to enter is sign up for our email list using the widget below. (Use the widget to enter even if you already get our emails.) The tell us in the comment section where you would use your new bed first!

The contest runs through Monday, May 2, and one winner will be chosen at random.

Click here for the full contest rules. The sweepstakes is open only to legal residents of the USA who are 18 or older. (We apologize to our readers in Canada and overseas; please trust us when we say that there are complex legal issues involved.)

115 thoughts on “Win a Lounger Deep Dish Dog Bed in Our Tax Day Giveaway!”

  1. My two Jack Russell Terriers would love to share one of these lounger beds — enjoying it most when the sun was on it and them!

    1. My JRT mix is getting older and needs his own bed. Since our toy poodle died, no dog seems to want to
      use it .

  2. My boy Dexter would love this lounger! We just got a new sofa & he’s not allowed on it so he’s feeling sad! A lounger of his own would definitely cheer him up!

    1. This masterpiece would go by the fireplace and provide endless hours of entertainment watching my three dogs,ever so stealth-like and sly, jockey for a spot on it; priceless.

  3. I have one Orvis bed already but now I have two dogs and they are too big to share. This would be a huge treat for our 70+lb puppy (& my wallet)! 🙂

  4. Would love to have this in my bedroom for my new Chesapeake Bay Retreiver, he doesn’t fit in our bed with our rescue Redbone mix.

  5. Our lab Avah would love, love ,love this. She has gotten to big to lay with me on the sofa. When she stretches out I get a face full of paws. We would have it in the den right by us !

  6. My 2 dogs are the light of my life! We are a little military family, and Lucky is the oldest of my furbabies. They are all rescues, but Lucky really is just that– so so Lucky! Ever since we rescued his little sister, Lady, he doesn’t hesitate to give her anything and everything she wants! This includes his favorite bed!! He is so selfless! I want my munchkins to have the best of everything possible, so this would be SUCH a blessing! He is trying to fight early arthritis, it’s such a bummer! He loves playing with his sister and his kitties! He’s always lying on either our memory foam bed, the cool tile, or, on occasion, HIS bed — on the rare occasion that Lady is using hers our lying somewhere else 😉 ! He would truly love and appreciate this bed with his whole big Ole heart, as would I !♡♡

  7. My 8 year old boxer would adore this bed!! he loves nothing more than to stretch out and as he is arthritic thats the best way to lay! have had an orvis bed previously but due to change in accommodation i could no longer have it 🙁 i was heart broken and so was my baby boy!! we would love to win this so he can have his own bed again and i can have mine back!!

  8. Laci was dreaming of an Orvis bed for Christmas but Santa paws didn’t bring her one. Laci will be turning one on June 15th. She would love to end her special day sleeping in a nice new doggie bed.

  9. My German Shepherd (EPI) and Belgian Malinois (epileptic) can alternate between their own comfy bed and sharing a bed with humans.

  10. Our girl, Shekby Mustang would be happy to lay in comfort anywhere in the house as long as we are at her beckon call.

  11. My friend has a dog with a tumor and arthritis whom is getting very old and fragile. Im entering to hopefully win her this bed, for she gives this dog so much love and daily massages. I have 2 dogs myself, but her dog, Cody, would definitely benefit from this bed.

  12. both of my rescued pups would be so very grateful to have something like this to lounge upon..And, it might keep them off my bed…<3

  13. Our 12 year old rescue shepherd-lab mix would LOVE this bed and will likely share it with his sister, Lucy. Jake has always chilled/slept on an Orvis bed (with his name on it) with the exception of a 6 month period where he was lost in FL. When we finally found him and brought him home he easily settled back into life at home and his favorite Orvis bed. He’s had a tough go of it health-wise but loves life, people and stretching out for long naps.

  14. My poodle Capri and rescued terrier mix Bella would love this bed. Hopefully if we win this it will keep my aging poodle from thinking she needs to jump on the bed.

  15. My sweet older rescue golden sure deserves the pampering this bed would give her old joints! Poor girl has suffered so much in her life!

  16. Rollie the golden retriever pup would love having a wonderful bed like this to call his own. Then we won’t feel so bad about not letting him sleep in our full-sized bed! Although who are we kidding, there will be times when we cave regardless!!

  17. Carlos already loves his Orvis bed, but it is getting a bit worn. Sorry, Stella’s not going to get off the couch for a lowly DOG bed.

  18. On the floor beside my bed…oh, who am I kidding, I’ll be the one in the Orvis bed while he sleeps in my king size bed!

  19. We have a new lab pup, Drake. He is 20 weeks old. We have 3 daughters age 9, 8 & 6. They will lay with him on this awesome bed.

  20. Nahla, our 16 week old German Shepherd would love to sleep in this bed next to ours. Right now she sleeps in a crate at night but how awesome would her sleep be in the lounger?!?! She would be in puppy heaven! 🙂

  21. My dogs would love the lounger! It would free up space for my husband and I to sleep on our bed without dogs

  22. Just about to move into my first house and my 8 year old Labrador would love to take one of these with her.

  23. I am moving from my house to a smaller apartment. I can’t bring ‘her couch’ because there isn’t enough room for it. This will be a perfect replacement. She’s 11 1/2 and will have a difficult time adjusting. The bed will be a perfect replacement.

  24. I would place the bed in front of the sliding door, a favorite place for our two puppies to watch the squirrels and birds.

  25. Right next to my bed. I have five dogs so not all fit on the bed! My newest rescued Black and Tan coonhound would love it!

  26. wow this is a great bed! I would say it would go in my bedroom… but who am I kidding? my dogs sleeps in my bed. I would use it in the TV room so she can lounge while we watch TV!

  27. This bed will go great just about anywhere! By my bed when it’s time to sleep, in our tv room, or in the living room so they can relax when we have visitors… I have two amstaffs who wouldn’t mind sharing this cool couch!

  28. My lab mix rescue was a bit of a nervous chewer when we first brought her home, and her bed is a little worse for wear. She’s so well behaved now I’d say she deserves an upgrade!

  29. My 2 year old boxer stretch out she look like a small horse .My rescue boxer has a bad hip it would be great for her too .

  30. If I win, I’ll put it on the floor at the foot of our bed so our 146-pound German Shepherd (rescued!) will have a wonderful place to snooze!

  31. This bed would go in my family room in front of the sliding glass windows so my two dogs could snuggle together and watch the great outdoors.

  32. This is such a cool dog bed!! Can humans try it out? lol! My dogs would love it — an 80 lb great pyrenees / golden retriever mix and our newest rescue a 19 lb yorkie mix. So cool! I have the perfect place for one in our bedroom!

  33. We would use this bed first in our family room so while we are laying on the couch watching tv, the dogs can lay on this bed & watch with us 🙂

  34. I have 3 senior dogs, one of which has back issues, so this bed would be so beneficial in our home. I would put it in my living room, right next to the couch.

  35. My oldest dog Moses (he’s a black lab mix) could really use this. He’s getting old and having trouble getting around. Right now he lays on a sleeping bag in the living room so this would be perfect for him to lay on while spending time with us in the living room!

  36. I’d put the bed right in my living room for my two corgis to share! Thanks for the chance to win.

  37. This wonderful lounger bed would mainly be used for Destiny in the living room. It may have to be taken to the bedroom sometimes too.

  38. I would use it in the bedroom with us. My Brinx, looks just like the dog in the picture a 95 lb floppy eared red doberman.. He would love this bed. I also have a Boxer and a maltipoo who would love it!

  39. My 2 little dogs would love to share a bed. They are both “pound puppies” they like to sleep on their dog beds right in front of the TV in our living room.

  40. My little Bella would LOVe a new bed!! She always sleeps in the living room on the area rug. She would love some comfort!

  41. Our Skiperke, Bender would love to have a Lounger, to be more comfortable than lying on the floor with an old Quilt.

  42. In the living room, by the fireplace in the winter to keep our miniature dachshund nice and warm. By the window in the summer, to catch the cool breeze.

  43. Jo Jo is a Beagal He weights 45 pounds. He would really like this bed. I would

    love to win this bed for him. Thanks for this giveaway.

  44. I’d put the dog bed in the downstairs family room right next to my recliner so me and my baby boy can watch TV together in comfort.

  45. I would use one of those awesome looking beds for my two dogs who like to share a bed … one is 80 lbs and the other is about 14 lbs! But we would definitely bring it camping with us, so they have a comfortable spot to sleep and will no longer need to Ruff It (LOL), but seriously, they would be quite comfy on that bed!

  46. I would put the bed in the bathroom. The collie likes to lay there and this would help him get better sleep.

  47. Kado is getting older and he used to sleep in our bed or on the couch but he just can’t seem to get up there anymore due to arthritis. This would be awesome for him.

  48. I would use this dog bed in my living room. My dog’s love to lay in there with the family, but it has a hard tile floor that I am sure is not very comfy for them.

  49. OMG! My lab Lola would love this bed…she is only 6 years old, but has bad arthritis and hip problems.. Maybe this bed would keep her from jumping in the pool…lol

  50. My dacshund, Elliott would adore this bed! I would use it in the living room as there is no way to keep him from hogging our king sized bed.

  51. I have 4 furbabies who would love this! They love to lounge in the living room with me of an evening in front of the tv. I think I would have to put it there for them so they would have something more comfortable than the carpet floor to lay on.

  52. What a plush looking bed! So many of my new fosters are visibly thrilled to find dog beds in my home, they are a great source of comfort for them while they decompress from the shelter

  53. This bed looks just like our couch! I’d much rather have our puppy sleep in this!!!

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