Win a NEW FleeceLock Ultimate Wraparound Dog Bed for Helping with Our Trivia Contest

In the near future, we will be launching a monthly dog-trivia quiz to test your knowledge of all things canine. There will be great prizes, too, including dog beds featuring our new, proprietary FleeceLock™ technology (more on that below).

We thought it would be even more fun if we solicited some of the questions from you, so that’s our first contest.

If you think you have a great dog-trivia question, email it (along with the correct answer) to You can send in as many as you’d like, and each email will be a separate entry. One winner will be chosen at random to receive a personalized FleeceLock Wraparound Dog Bed. We’ll choose a winner on Monday, January 20. The first quiz will kickoff on Monday, January 28th!

About FleeceLock
It’s instinctive. As dogs prepare for sleep, they’ll often paw the surface of their bed. Unfortunately, this can sometimes loosen fleece fibers, resulting in worn spots on the bed and a constant mess for you to vacuum up. Those days are over. Our proprietary FleeceLock™ system features a luxurious fleece surface with a knit back, which is treated with a sealant that essentially “locks” the fleece fibers in place. The fleece sleep surface stays on the sleep surface, and won’t shed, pill, or pull free. And there’s no need to worry about your dog’s comfort: Our new FleeceLock fleece is just as soft and comfortable as our original fleece.

Click here to see all our FleeceLock dog bed options.

Click here to email a dog-trivia question for your chance to win!

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