Video: Woman Acquitted for Stepping Between Her Dog and a Cop

Last week, a 23-year-old mother of two was acquitted of a crime that you won’t believe. When a West Virginia State Trooper was about to shoot Tiffanie Hupp’s dog, Buddy, the young woman jumped between them. For her efforts, she was thrown to the ground and arrested. You can see it happen in the video above. Look at the dog’s behavior: does he look threatening to you?

Trooper Seth Cook’s explanation of what was happening may shock you even more:

West Virginia state trooper Seth Cook testified that he was not afraid of the dog, but was following training that required him to kill all dogs that approach him, even if it was chained and wagging its tail as Buddy was doing in this case.

We often post stories about wonderful cops who go out of their way to save dogs, and we understand that they have a difficult job. But who is training them to kill all dogs who approach them?

Hupp was arrested for obstructing justice, and went to trial. Luckily, a local lawyer took her case pro bono. Click the link below, because this story gets even crazier the more you dig into it. But the fact remains that this woman did something incredibly brave (although ill advised) to protect her beloved dog.

WARNING: We recommend that you don’t read the comments below the news article. We don’t condone anything written there.

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