Woman Flies Across Country To Adopt A Very Special Dog

Dill the rescue dog has a deformed front leg that some might think makes him unadoptable.

Here’s a beautiful story about a sweet rescue dog named Dill, who unfortunately has a deformed leg. Such a disability might put off some would-be adopters, but it didn’t stop Jess Street from falling in love with him:

Street desperately wanted to adopt Dill and the distance was the only issue, but suddenly, everything began to fall into place. “From the price of the flight dropping from almost $300 to almost nothing, to being able to stay with family in Madison, to the amazing people that donated money to Fetch WI to help cover his adoption fee. It was 100 percent meant to be,” Street said.

Street has since changed Dill’s name to “Doc,” and she plans to train him to be a therapy dog. What a wonderful ending for a story with such a rough start. . .

Click here for the full story.

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