Woman on Trial for Taking Chained Dog from Home

Bettina Cuce Rodriguez poses with her dogs in Virginia Beach.
Photo by Hyunsee Leo Kim, via pilotonline.com

How far would you be willing to go to rescue a dog that you thought was in grave danger, even though it clearly belongs to someone else? Three women go on trial today for an incident last year, when they took a dog from in front of a trailer in rural Virginia:

Bettina Cuce Rodriguez of Virginia Beach and two others were charged in January 2015 with dog larceny for taking a pit bull mix that was chained outside a mobile home in Accomack County, a rural community that encompasses much of the Eastern Shore.

The Cuces and other rescuers said they had received repeated reports about the dog. They said they were told it was being left outside in all kinds of weather with no food or water and that it was near death the day it was taken. Complaints to the county’s animal control had yielded no action, they said.

Read the story below, which gets into all the reasons that seemingly law-abiding people would resort to such an action. There are thorny issues that come into conflict in this situation, from personal property rights and trespassing to the need to protect dogs from abuse. What do you think?

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5 thoughts on “Woman on Trial for Taking Chained Dog from Home”

  1. She did the right thing I would of done the same thing some people talk the talk and some people walk the walk and stand up for what they believe is the right thing.. much respect..

    1. In a situation like this, Thank God there are people that care enough to do what is right! These are exceptional Humans and should be applauded!

  2. May God step in and clear these horrible charges which should be aimed at the dogs owner (may God have a special place in hell for him).
    What good is animal control if they do nothing!
    Praying for a good outcome and am hoping the poor dog didn’t have to go back to living like that.

  3. It’s too bad there isn’t a secret society that would do as these women did. They did what was ‘right’! not legal. I sure hope the judge takes that into account.

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