UPDATE: Woman Who Found Dog in Tornado Rubble Receives an Outpouring of Donations

Here’s an update on one of the most uplifting stories to come out of the tragic tornado in Oklahoma last week. When Barbara Garcia found her dog, Bowser, on national TV, people around the world felt her joy and relief. But after the tears were wiped away, some people wanted to do more to help Garcia.

Erin DeRuggiero—an entrepreneur who lives in Minneapolis—set up a fundraising site called “Build Barbara Garcia a Home,” which to date has raised almost $41,000 to help Garcia rebuild the home that she and Bowser shared. On the fundraising page, DeRuggiero writes:

Barbara could have been my mother, my grandmother, my neighbor or my friend. I was shattered upon seeing her home destroyed, her recounting her experience and her joy upon seeing that her dog had survived it all. My goal is to ease her recovery, raise enough money to help her start to rebuild or relocate her life, and above all else, to show her that “life in the big city” also means helping one another, even from 1500 miles away.

It’s an amazing turn of events for Garcia, who was left with nothing after the tornado destroyed nearly everything she owned.

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Barbara Garcia being interviewed about surviving the tornado and losing her dog.
Photo via nydailynews.com

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