Woman Who Held Up Sign at a Nationally Televised Baseball Game Gets Her Dream Dog

Lucy the Corgi poses with her new family, Joe Onofrio and Katie Castan.

Last week, TV viewers watching the American League Wild Card Game in Kansas City saw a young woman holding up a strange sign in the crowd. The sign featured a photo of a crown-wearing Corgi and said, “If we win he’s buying me a puppy!” with an arrow pointing to the man next to her.

Well, the Royals did win the game, so folks wanted to know if the woman got her puppy. A story in the Kansas City Star tracked the couple down, got their story, and met their new pooch. Katie Castan and her boyfriend, Joe Onofrio, did get a dog, but they didn’t buy one. Instead, they adopted a four-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Lucy. How they came to know Lucy is a story in itself. . .

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One thought on “Woman Who Held Up Sign at a Nationally Televised Baseball Game Gets Her Dream Dog”

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