Woman Who Rescued Guard Dog Faces Jail Time for Pet Theft

Judy Camp is set to go to trial this week, facing multiple misdemeanor criminal counts.
Photo via Spokesman.com

A Washington State woman is up on charges of pet theft, despite the fact that the dog she rescued seems to have been no one’s pet. Judy Camp heard about an allegedly abused dog online, so she went to check it out:

She found him living the life of a guard dog on a property near Twisp, chained to a rotting flatbed trailer with a frozen bowl of water, according to Camp’s Facebook page. . . .The forecast for that December day called for below-freezing temperatures and a wicked wind chill. So Camp cut the pup loose, took him home and called him “Tank.”

The dog’s owners reported him stolen, and Camp was arrested when she took the dog to a vet’s office.

You won’t believe what happened next. . .

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2 thoughts on “Woman Who Rescued Guard Dog Faces Jail Time for Pet Theft”

  1. I would donate towards your defense.The courts have to stop considering dogs as only somebody’s PROPERTY.

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