The Wonderful Life of a Former Slaughterhouse Dog

The woman who rescued Tiger saved his life, and then she made sure that life would be happy.
Photo via The Dodo

As the annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival goes on in Yulin, China–click here to help stop it–let’s focus instead on a wonderful story about a dog who was rescued from such a horrible fate and now leads a life of love and happiness here in the U.S. Tiger was initially saved by a Chinese woman, who bought him from a dog-meat purveyor. She then brought the dog to San Francisco, where the Duo Duo Project, an organization that helps dogs rescued from slaughter in China, took over.

Eventually, Tiger was adopted by the Sehic family. The photos of Tiger with the family, especially three-year-old Sloane, will melt your heart.

Click here for the full story.

2 thoughts on “The Wonderful Life of a Former Slaughterhouse Dog”

  1. Unfortunately, people must know that it’s not the slaughter but the excruciating torture these poor pups go through. Death should be quick, but these dogs are not fed nor given water for days. Then they are beat with metal clubs, beat on the head and stabbed. Those of you who know dogs are familiar with their sense of caring, gratitude and love. This trade has got to end.

  2. I just can’t under stand this sick treatment of loving animals.torture should never be are loving animals and it brakes my heart to hear this is allowed …..needs to. Stop

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