Wonderful Online Book: “Dog Shows and Doggy People” from 1902

The Queen of England poses with her Russian Wolfhound and Japanese Spaniel.

This morning, I ran across this fascinating online edition of a 1902 book, Dog Shows and Doggy People, by C.H. Lane, F.Z.S. (The letters mark his as a Fellow of the Zoological Society, London.) The book offers a wonderful window into how dogs were treated by the aristocracy in turn-of-the-century Britain. You might be surprised to discover that their affection for their animals rivals our own, as evidenced by this quotation from Mrs Claude Hay:

“Words can never express what our doggies are to myself and my husband—I think were it a case of only one meal to be got, the doggies would have it. They are consulted in everything, and always give an answer, sometimes the wag of a tail or a forlorn look, . . .”

Although I doubt anyone will take the time to actually read the whole book—if you do, please report back!—take a few minutes to flip through the pages and look at the wonderful photos of dogs and people in period dress.

Click here to page through the book.

Click here if you’d like to download it to your Kindle or as a PDF.

These Pugs won the Breeder’s Medal and more than sixty prizes for Miss C. Rosa Little.

Cello and Lepel with their trophies.

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