Wonderful Photos of Best Friends Harper and Lola

Four-year-old Harper and Lola the bulldog are inseperable.
Photo by Rebecca Leimbach, via shine.yahoo.com

Michigan photographer Rebecca Leimbach discovered a wonderful subject for her lens right in her own home: her four-year-old daughter, Harper, and the family’s English Bulldog, Lola:

“The series began by accident,” Harper’s mother, Rebecca Leimbach, tells the Good News blog. “Harper came out of her playroom one day and said ‘Ta-da!’ I turned around and Lola was wearing a tutu, necklaces and a crown, and she didn’t seem to mind. I died laughing and grabbed my camera to take a picture… the rest is history.”

According to Leimbach, she doesn’t even pose the pair much, insteading letting Harper create the scenes naturally. However she creates these images, they are a wonderful testament of how important a child’s love for a dog can be.

Click here for the full story and a slideshow.

Click these links to visit Leimbach’s Facebook page and website and see many more images.

Leimbach says she tries not to pose them so much, preferring to capture them naturally as they play together.
Photo by Rebecca Leimbach, via shine.yahoo.com

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