Justice Served: World’s Dumbest Dog Thief Ends Up in Jail

Christopher Young tried to steal a Yorkie like this one at gunpoint, but his own ineptitude got in the way.
Photo via Wikipedia

Thankfully, sometimes the bad guys lose, and Christopher Young is a case in point. Last January, Young approached a young woman in Washington, D.C. who was walking her pet Yorkshire terrier. The criminal mastermind leaped into action. He pointed a handgun at the woman and said, “Give me your dog. Yorkies cost a lot of money.” He snatched the dog and ran away. That’s when things started to go awry.

First, Young dropped his cellphone, which was recovered by the cops. Then the dog escaped and made his way home. Then the police arrived. You see, Young was wearing a GPS-enabled ankle bracelet as the result of a previous crime.

A judge sentenced Young to four years in prison, putting him right where he belongs.

The bumbling nature of the crime adds a humorous element, but there’s no joke in having someone point a gun in your face and then take your best friend. We hope that both the woman and the dog have recovered from the trauma.

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