Wow. A British Columnist Wonders Why People Care When Their Pets Die.

Zoey was the subject of a heartfelt tribute back in 2012.
Photo by Ilona Haus

Sometimes one wonders why people commit their strange opinions to paper. Radhika Sanghani is a case in point. Writing in The Telegraph today, she has penned an article with the obnoxious, judgmental headline “How can fully grown adults care so much about their pets dying?”

We have posted many, many times about the grief that comes from losing a beloved dog, whether the death was of natural causes or otherwise. Touching videos, poems, and stories have graced this page and helped us all feel part of something bigger than ourselves. Such stories let us know that we are not alone when our time for grief comes. The video below is a perfect example.

Ms. Sanghani has clearly never experienced the deep love shared between dogs and people, because if she had, she could never ask such a ridiculous question.

What do you think?

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One thought on “Wow. A British Columnist Wonders Why People Care When Their Pets Die.”

  1. What an incredibly touching video that was. Anyone who has loved and lost a dog knows exactly what it means when they pass. I think (I hope) that the columnist wrote that more out of fear and youthful ignorance than anything else. Perhaps she knew it would create emotion in a lot of people, and her goal was more to attract attention. Either way, those of us that have been there, and been healed by a dog when nothing else could reach your pain, know how precious and eternal that love is.

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