UPDATE: Abandoned Dog Goes Home with His Prosthetic Paw

Last month, we told you about Wyatt, a young mastiff mix who had lost his right rear foot in some kind of traumatic accident. His first try with a new prosthetic leg was a bust, but with the leg adjusted, he has taken it home to see how well it works:

“They adjusted it and took about three inches off, so significantly different from last time with the length and he’s much more comfortable. But as we saw when he had it on at first, he was placing it pretty nicely. After about five or 10 minutes, he got pretty tired. So, he’s officially taking his leg home with him today and his foster mom is going to be working on keeping it on for literally just a few minutes, maybe 15 minutes a day for a week,” said Lash.

If the Wyatt does become accustomed to the prosthesis and can return to normal walking, it will be a triumphant end to a story that started tragically.

Click here for the full story.

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